February 28, 2011

Weekend Fun

Aunt Andrea & Uncle Chris visit on their way to the airport and Florida
posing in my sweater Gi-Gi Furze made
maybe the dog will eat my food

finally some hair
This weekend we continued our non-nomadic ways and stayed home.  Yes, I know, it's two weekends in a row!  Friday night we checked out the HBO series Eastbound and Down on Netflix.  Episode 1 of Season 1.  I was hoping Tony's opinion would prove me wrong once again and I would end up enjoying this completely stupid and really-not-that-funny episode but that was not the case.  A waste of 50 minutes of my life.  This wasn't the case with Tony's other picks including The Wire (thank you, Ethan), Dexter and Breaking Bad.  I've gotten into The Tutors too but English history doesn't particularly interest Tony. 

Saturday we went to Tony's new work building in Danvers.  Jill ran wild down the long and carpeted hallways and played with Pierre, the fat black lab Tony's boss is dogsitting.  Pierre was trained as a service dog to bark when he indicated juvenile diabetes.  Apparently Jill is healthy.  All Pierre wanted to do was give her kisses.  We met Tony's sister and her husband (Andrea & Chris) so their car could stay parked in the lot during their 9-day trip to Florida.  Andrea and I sat in the backseat of the Mom mobile for the drive back to Quincy and Jill kept us entertained with her giggles and chatting while Tony delivered the local landmarks of Boston movies (here's Chelsea, the crap area in Gone Baby Gone; there's Boston Sand & Gravel and Bunker Hill Monument in The Town; landmarks in The Departed; Good Will Hunting...) Jill had a really fun time with Andrea and Chris at the house for a couple hours before they headed for the airport.  She enjoyed hitting the ottoman back and forth with Chris.  They developed their own game! 

At some point Saturday late morning, Jill walked into the kitchen area and got awfully quiet.  When I peaked my head around the corner, I had to cover my mouth from laughing out loud.  Apparently Jill was still hungry because she pulled the Cheerios box off the lower shelf, opened the lid and was shoving handfuls into her mouth.  It was hysterical - until that is - she held the family size box upside down and fed the floor hundreds of toasted whole grain oat goodness.  No wonder the dog is her best friend lately!

Sunday included a visit from Heidi.  Even though football season is over, we still try to hang out a decent amount.  Heidi and Houston live in Quincy now, much closer than when we lived in New Mexico or Vermont or when they lived in Nevada or Texas!  Jill loves Heidi and Heidi is great with her.  She doesn't even mind being at the house when Jill cranks out.  A good friend to have around!

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