March 3, 2011

Silly Jilly

Jill theft:  It's a common occurrence at day care.  Jill's been part of the expectant parent tour routine from the beginning.  Appropriate because she's a happy kid.  Even more appropriate because she attends "Jack n Jill" day care.  Darlene, the director, carries Jill around to the different rooms where she now waves and smiles at everyone.  Yesterday at pick-up, I looked in the infant/toddler play area (Jill's new "big girl" home) and didn't see her anywhere.  "Mary stole her," Paige told me.  Just then I saw Mary through the glass in the adjacent room with Jill in her lap.  She was clapping, smiling and bouncing in Mary's lap while she led a group song.  I tried to sneak a picture with my phone but Jill was too curious and quick to jump up.  She caught me!  She came barreling toward me with a huge smile and arms in the air.  What a way to end the day!  Jill continued her movie star ways in the hallway on our way to the car.  The big kids walked out in a line and some started waving and yelling, "Bye Jill, Bye Jilly, Bye Silly Jilly!!"  Jill turned around, smiled, waved back and started running down the hall toward her buddies.  My little social butterfly! 


  1. Are you really surprised?! Like mother, like daughter :)