February 13, 2011

Two Tickets to Paradise

We're home from our trip to Puerto Rico with Ethan and Mary Ellen - had an awesome time but it's so good to be back and see Jill's smiling face again.  She hasn't let us out of her sight and she's been giggling and getting into trouble all day!  A special Thank You to my Mom and mother-in-law for watching her while we had some fun in the sun.

amazing view from our room

more of the view from our room

walking to Old San Juan

Granna and Nana super sitters!
together again but tan!


  1. Welcome home! Looks like you had a great trip - can't wait to hear about it. Xoxo

  2. Silly Tony...does he know it does not hurt your face to smile:) haha
    I am so happy you got away from the snow/cold and that Jill got to hang with her grandmothers:)

  3. ha! Tony's smiling in the pic at the beach bar. Does that count? I'm sorry you had a tough week. Hang in there!