February 6, 2011

Cabin Fever

Sunshine, temps in the low 40s and a little wind? Who cares about the wind? There isn't a blizzard. Let's get outside! And so today cabin fever set in and we headed down the street to Nut Island, an area with great views of the Boston skyline and a normally decent set of paths. The wind was howling and Rachael was pulling me along the ice. The pathways weren't cleared whatsoever but we didn't mind. We were out of the house!

Later this afternoon, we took a ride to Derby Shoppes in Hingham. While Jill was snoozing in the car with Tony, I cleaned house in the bathing suit section of Kohl's.  All set now for our trip to Puerto Rico on Wednesday!  The three of us walked down to Barnes & Noble where Tony picked out some books for the trip and Jill enjoyed looking along.

40s?  Sounds like summertime, a perfect excuse to grill hamburgers.  Nice! We all hung out in the backyard while lunch cooked.  Rachael took snow baths and Jill laughed.  Later on Jill walked over to the Milk Bone box in the kitchen, opened the lid, fished out one biscuit, found Rachael in the living room and walked over and gave it to her.  I have a feeling Rachael is going to be putting on some weight!!

Hanny's run in Gap outfit from Frank & Christine

view from Nut Island


bundled up

lots of snow

Barnes & Noble Sunday stop

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