February 4, 2011

Bolognese and Buns in the Oven

I’ve gone out to eat more in the last month than I have in the last year combined. “What do you want to do?” …. “Go out to eat!” It’s fun, interactive, good for conversation and equates to a dish-free sink. A few Monday nights ago, a group of girls from work (one a former Genzymer) – all living in Hingham – and I met at Caffe Tosca. What a find! This place was heaven! They serve ½ size portions of delicious pasta dishes for around $10 (try the baked chicken cannelloni; it was to die for). All three of my lovely friends are expecting so we easily kept our bill reasonable with a lack of alcoholic beverages. Courtney is due first with her second: a girl. Caroline is expecting her first (the sex is a surprise!) a couple of weeks after that. And Anne Marie is due with her third (she is Mom to boy/girl twins) just after that. They’re keeping that a surprise too. Julianna delivered a beautiful baby girl, Sophia, on January 26. Elizabeth is due with her second (the sex is a surprise) in June and Amy is due (they are finding out) in late August. There must be something in the water at work. Staying clear of the water cooler…!

On the home front, my brother and his wife, Jess, are expecting a boy (“Guy Joseph” after both of their late Dads) in early May; my college roommie Jen is expecting her second daughter in early June; and my childhood friend Mel is expecting her first in August.  It’s going to be a summer of new babies!

Discussing my pregnant friends is an easy transition back to food. Not so long ago, Tony and I had a late Saturday afternoon lunch at Curley’s in Taunton. I love this place. It holds a special place in my heart. We had a few not-so-great experiences after it reopened but I kept the faith. We were not disappointed. The food was great! Mmmmm curly fries. My mouth is watering!

Last weekend, my other bestie Jess and I had lunch at the Four’s in Quincy. It was so nice to catch up and enjoy a Guinness on a cold winter day. I’m a fan of the Four’s. There are a ton of TVs to watch games and the chowder (which I forgot to get on this sad occasion) is excellent!

Miranda, Charlotte, Carrie & Samantha
Today was the day my work crew friends and I finally ventured away from the building and had lunch at Za, the more economical side of the restaurant combo EVOO/Za. An avocado salad, you ask? Sounds weird. No, it was delicious! Black beans, tomato and tortilla bits. Pizza with potato and bacon. This next door spot will definitely be visited again, and soon. Of course a significant amount of our conversation centered around the kiddos: Lucas, Denny and Jill. We dished about work/home life balance, something that’s so nice to share with girlfriends in similar situations as you are.

Late next week, Tony and I will be trying out restaurants with Ethan and Mary Ellen in the San Juan and Rincon (day trip) areas of Puerto Rico. Sunshine, 82 degree heat, warm ocean water and pina coladas! SIGN ME UP!!


  1. Good thing I'm cooking dinner while I'm reading this - even still, I'm tempted to jump ship and go out ot eat now!

    Sign me up for that trip! Is this your first wk away from Jill?

  2. ha! I know huh. Yes, we leave Wednesday morning and get back late Saturday night. Tony's Mom is coming to hang with Jill and my Mom for a couple days too. They'll have fun and she'll probably barely notice we are gone!