February 3, 2011

Time for a Vacation!

sooooo sick of the snow!
where else can we put it?
checking out the snow after school on Thursday
if our dog was as observant, she'd realize she can escape the front yard via the snow bank
Tony and I haven't been on many tropical trips.  We started our marriage in New Mexico so vacations consisted of trips back to New England to visit friends and family.  We went on our true honeymoon 6 years late and took off for sunny Puerto Rico in the beginning of 2008.  This also happened to be the year my friend, Kristen, got married on the beach in Mexico.  So we made up for lost sunbathing time in 2008.  Our lives drastically changed in 2009 (pregnant and avoiding all materials tight, especially bathing suits) and in 2010 when Jill was a baby.  When Jill was a baby?  Listen to me!  She just seems so grown up lately... Now Jill is older and sturdier.  I think I'm ready for next week: to leave Jill home while Tony and I go back to Puerto Rico on Wednesday morning.  Could we possibly need a vacation more??

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