June 5, 2013

Fun with Guy and Cole

Earlier last week - May 30 to be exact - my brother Scott and his wife Jess celebrated their 4-year wedding anniversary with a dinner out, alone. Since my Mom was watching Guy, Jill and I decided to visit and keep him entertained.  They jumped on the indoor trampoline, the bed, the couch, me, whatever they could find.
On Saturday morning Jill and I met Mel and Cole at their house and walked to the Swansea Town Beach.  Mel's Mom met us to say hello and so did Stacia, her very-soon-to-be sister-in-law.  Stacia found us back at the house.  She came bearing gifts - melting ice cream sandwiches!
 Cole braving the water
 Jill taking a break
 from being crazy like this
She didn't get out of the water for very long!
 Yup.  She did this without warning.  Dropped vanilla ice cream on my leg and decided it couldn't go to waste!
hahah Classic!

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