May 29, 2013

The Rest of Memorial Day Weekend

Jill with Cabbage Patch kids brought back from Tony's trip to Nana's on Friday to help with the basement flooding
red head currently named Meghan; blonde is Lucy
Jill was being a grump on Sunday - that is until this dinghy ride with Uncle Scott, Aunt Jess, Guy, Gavin and Lucy
 fishing off the back of Scott and Jess's boat with Guy and Gavin
 climbing up to the Captain's chair
 another boating season is here and Captain Jill is ready
 Let's go ahead and get Lucy and Guy up from their nap!
 two very important men in my life
 my big girl at the playground down the road from the boatyard
 She climbs the tall slide like it's nothing!
And finally, Tony's "America F Yeah" picture from the shooting range with Brian

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