June 5, 2013

Happy Birthday, Lucy!

 Guy taking the controls at Lucy's 3th birthday party Saturday afternoon
It was a "princess party" so Jill and I both wore dresses, hers much fancier than mine.  We packed up the red wagon and walked to the party.  They live about 1/2 mile down the street.
 the dress didn't last long
 pretending to fall off the car
 playing with Colty and Lucy
practicing Kiss the Frog...
and so it begins
 patiently waiting
 Jill lifted the bandana as soon as Jen tied it.  She had an unfair advantage.  Whatever.  She's smart and knows what it takes to win!
 Lucy looked like she wanted to beat down the pinata.
 Jill was much more gentle.
The only time kids listen and are completely quiet at birthday parties. 
Waiting for cake and ice cream

You would think we did enough on Saturday between the beach with Mel and Cole and Lucy's birthday party, right?  Wrong.  We walked home around 8pm, washed up and headed to Bob and Nicole's house.  Sophia and Jill ate popcorn and watched Ratatouille until wayyyyy past their bedtime.  Tony and Bob hung out by the fire and in the hot tub and Nicole and I just hung out with the kids.  Jill fell asleep on the couch and we got home at 12:45.  You read that correctly.  I don't remember the last time we stayed out that late.  We were kidless when we went out for my birthday and we were home at 10:30!  And now, with Jill, we stay out that late.  I was mildly impressed but awfully tired Sunday morning!

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