March 30, 2013

Tuesday Night Club

Kristen and I have worked together for close to 7 years.  The past 2 years we've been in different departments, but we've stayed close. 

The Tuesday Night Club is an old term from Student Government at Westfield State.  Tuesday nights after the weekly meeting, the older crew would head out for drinks.  Freshman year I was recognized with the superlative "Future President of the Tuesday Night Club."  They tagged me for a social one.  Who knew?!

So earlier this week Kristen and I left the husband and kids at home (she is nearing the end of materity leave with #2, daughter Samantha) and met at a Greek restaurant near work to celebrate a colleague leaving the company after 21 years. 

I felt guilty for working all day and then drinking beer and socializing while Tony entertained Jill.  Little did I know they were having a hell of a time at "the ball."  Jill had apparently gone through multiple dresses to select the perfect pink dress and kept asking poor Tony - on his feet all day at work - to dance.  I was laughing at the mental picture.

It was so nice to visit with current and past colleagues and know that Jill was having fun and being good.  No diapers to change; no breast milk or formula to heat; no carrots to mash.  A 3-year-old is so much easier than an infant!  I was home at 9:30 and they were both sound asleep.  Tired from all the dancing, no doubt!

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