March 25, 2013

The Monday Morning Recap

Isn’t it funny how every Monday morning at least one co-worker asks what you did over the weekend and you can’t remember? It was only two days ago but you honestly have no idea what happened Friday night. And it’s not like college days when you’d actually have an excuse Thursday-Saturday; like “I can’t remember, but it was fun!” In adult- /parenthood, you can’t provide an exciting recap, and it’s not because you drank too much cheap beer. You’re just tired. Dare I say defeated?

So here’s my weekend recap from the last two weekends, while I remember. And I only remember because someone - usually me - took pictures.

The Friday night of St. Patty's Day weekend - my how our lives have changed!
The Doherty and Gooch kids came for pizza, play and several wrestling matches.
It's not a successful playdate without at least one bloody lip. Am I right?
 settling down to color with Ava
 Saturday morning "just makin' a mess, Mumma!" 
 Saturday night Cheers with Sarah at Stoneforge
Here's Heidi and Liz visiting Cambridge for lunch on Friday.  It was my first time meeting Liz - in town from San Antonio - and I felt like we had been friends forever!  We have or may not have drank hot sake with our sushi.

On Sunday, Mel and Cole came over in the late afternoon.  We played outside and let the kids run themselves into the ground before enjoying some cheeseburgers and calling it an early night.  

Fast forward a week:
Here's Jill at storytime on Friday morning. We had an unexpected day together due to silly parents sending their sick children to day care with the stomach bug. It was actually a really great day together.  I felt guilty not working but happy to serve as an imposter stay-at-home Mom for the day. 
Turning oversized pages of Is Your Mama a Llama? and listening to There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow was fun but nothing compared to the craft time that followed.
 Ms. Quinn snapped this picture of Jill and posted it on the library's Facebook page.  I promptly shared it.
Jill was the youngest yet most meticulous artist.  She kept working on her snowpaint design long after the others had finished.
 Saturday morning before heading to her first ever dance (ballet and tap) class
Hands on the hips
When did she get so big??
There are more pictures and some short video clips that still need to be downloaded from the iTouch.  The gist was that Jill listened very well and had lots of fun.  Several adults, including a Dance Dad, noticed and offered nice comments.  She definitely had a blast but I wasn't sold.  She talked about trying gymnastics on the way home.  Jill just turned 3 in December.  We have plenty of years to fill with lessons, practices and games!  Our family seems to function smoother when it's not faced with scheduled events, especially prepaid ones. 

Saturday afternoon Ethan met Tony at the boatyard to help scrape the bottom of the boat.  I don't know how much help Ethan actually was, but he likes to show up with beer and that works for Tony.  He stayed for a cod dinner and let Jill drag him around the living room.  She totally showed off while Ethan was at the house and danced to Africa and some country music favorites (current favorite is The Wind by the Zac Brown Band).  Jill's day care provider and my friend, Tyla, listens to country music all the time!
Sunday's weather begged for outdoor time.  We invited ourselves for lunch (hey, we brought the food at least!) at my brother and Jess's house.  Temperatures were much more mild than Saturday and Jill, Guy and Lily ran around in the backyard while Scott, Jess, Liz and I drank mudslides.  Scott made a later batch and added peanut butter to the blender.  It was delicious; and I may have had 4.  Monday morning arrived prompty on time.  Too early! 
And so the genertic answer to the "How was your weekend?" question really is the truth every Monday: "Too short!" 

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