March 14, 2013


Parents experience amazing moments, one after the other. As our infants start to walk; our toddlers start to talk; and then all of the sudden we’re dealing with very opinionated/animated 13- I mean 3-year-olds. Take Tuesday night, for example: Dinner at Scott and Jess’s house. Jess made steak stir fry with white rice. Jill, who I’m almost positive has never tasted soy sauce, took one almost-bite and declared, “This is DEE-scusting!” Honesty’s important, honey, but so are feelings. She was only interested in my bunny-shaped birthday cake.

One Monday a few weeks ago, my Mom and Jill took Gram Furze to the grocery store. She had recently returned from the hospital and was using a cane to steady her step. About halfway through the cheese and yogurt aisle and the deli Jill asked, very seriously, “When is it my turn, Gammy Furzes?” She wanted that cane for her own amusement and she wanted it 3 aisles ago.

Hey, I didn’t say these amazing moments were always proud, but they are certainly funny. So we’ll enjoy the sincerity for now and try to hide our laughter when appropriate! Turn your head, sweetie.

birthday dinner at my Mom's on Monday
We bought this "pink pincess dress" at Target on Saturday "with Jill's money," coins she's earned from using the potty to fill her piggy bank.  She didn't take it off for 2 days.
enjoying warmer weather over the weekend
trading in the snowboats for rainboats to splash in the puddles
my movie star - this picture cracks me up

Tyla sent this picture recently of Jill doing artwork with her buddies at day care.

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