March 30, 2013

Friday Fun

Did we seriously do all of this on Friday?
 At the beginning of storytime at the library, Jill got to hold a bunny!  She wasn't too sure about it at first.
 Ms. Quinn reading to the group
coloring her maraca
(plastic egg filled with dry beans, add tape)
 making some noise to show off their maracas 
After storytime we headed to Tyla's house to dye and paint eggs.  I took some pictures with Tyla's camera and will post when she gets a chance to download them.  Jill spent most of the time painting her entire left palm turquiose.
 Then it was time to make sugar cookies.  Homemade dough courtesy of Tyla.
 Easter bunny-shaped cookie cutter borrowed from -you guessed it- Tyla
 Jill did a great job cutting out the shapes
 and making a mess
(casually brushing flour on the floor like it belonged there)
this picture cracks me up
playing dress-up and baking - such a diva!
 flour everywhere!
 milk break
Tyla told me about the frosting recipe on the back of the Domino confectioners sugar 2lb. bag. It was AMAZING, like lick a spoonfull and go back for more amazing.
After it became clear that Jill was not napping on Friday, she decided to take all her clothes off and decorate her right foot in smiley faces.

Tony worked in Portland, ME on Friday so he avoided the holiday weekend traffic and stayed at Chris and Andrea's house for the night.  Jill and I stayed up way too late (after 9) to finish watching Tangled.  After Jill fell asleep I started my new book, "Where We Belong" by Emily Giffin. 

Jill and I had a fantastic day together but we were both happy to see Tony Saturday morning.  He was home in time for breakfast and Jill and Rachael met him at the door squealing.

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