November 15, 2012

Trip to the Zoo with Nana and Cole

Saturday's trip to Roger Williams Park Zoo
where my Mom took my brother and I growing up

 The West African Crowed Crane put on quite the show for us.

 the elephants: always a favorite

and then we met Mel, Brian and Cole by the giraffes
Jill was squealing with excitement to see her buddy!
 watching the seals from above
 The Barbozas in the Barnyard
 apparently this is a petting zoo too
 bathtime for the elephants!
 indoor playtime for the giraffes
 and a great day at the zoo with Jill's Nana
 running through the new treehouse to check EVERYthing out
 cool new additions to the outdoor learning and play area at the zoo
singing Happy Birthday to Nana with the help
of my Mom and special visitors Mark and Ali

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