November 16, 2012

Bye Bye Crib

Yes, Jill’s almost 3 and yes, she still sleeps in her crib. That is, until tonight. The big girl bed will be set up this afternoon and will be ready for bedtime. Jill asked for it.

We’ve watched our fellow parent friends move their children from cribs to beds much earlier than our Jill but they’ve also welcomed #2 or had to avoid the crazy monkey-like kid from climbing over the railing. Jill’s been testing her foot up on the railing for more than a year but hasn’t taken the plunge, so to speak. So that’s happening tonight and Jill couldn’t be more excited for it!

Tomorrow morning we have a 9:30 appointment for Jill’s hair. We’ve done the all-over trim and cut the bangs several times but this will be her first “real” haircut, at least that’s how I’m thinking of it. I’ll apologize in advance to the grandmothers for cutting off the leftover summer blondeness on the ends. Jill’s hair is OOC as my Mom would text in code (out of control). I honestly feel badly dropping her off in the morning at Tyla’s with her hair looking like a bird’s nest. It’s a cute nest but really, we’re almost 3 and it’s time for a more manageable cut (for Mom anyway). It’s going to be a big weekend of growing up!

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