November 20, 2012

Big Girl Beds, Haircuts and Petting Zoos

I’m sitting on the commuter rail right now on the way into Cambridge. Yes, we moved to Berkley and I spend 4 hours of each work day commuting. And it’s nuts. This morning I woke up and thought about how quickly the week was flying by. I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday, I said to Jill. “Ummm Momma, it’s Tuesday. Wednesday we go to Nana’s,” she reminded me. Oh right, it’s only Tuesday. But it’s really Friday because Momma took tomorrow off. So I guess the work week is flying by after all.

Last Friday (apparently only a few days ago), we set Jill up in her big girl bed, or rather a twin-sized mattress on the floor. Four nights in a row she’s slept in her big girl bed and twice she’s reminded me that she can’t leave her bed without Mom and Dad. Tony shot me a look the first time when I called for Jill to come to our room. Duh, Mom, keep Jill “trapped” so to speak in her big girl bed as long as possible. She’s a smart kid. It won’t last for long. So for my two readers who sent messages on Monday asking how the big girl bed was going, so far so good! And thank you for asking.

Here are some pictures from the weekend. Jill had a haircut Saturday morning followed by an animal rescue fundraiser at Ventura Grain in Taunton (Jess’s family’s business) where we met Mel and Cole, Becky and baby Ella and BJ. Ella is three months old now and I may just steal a photo of her from Becky’s Facebook page to show you how flippin cute she is! BJ was then gracious and brave enough to come to the 99 with me, Mel and the kids. Cole proceeded to antagonize Jill while she lay under the table and giggled. We don’t get out much!

Jill had playtime with Cole again Sunday morning. We met the Barbozas at the Dighton Country Diner for breakfast. While Tony and Brian winterized the boat, Mel and I took the kids to the playground behind the Dighton Town Hall. For about 4 minutes. Everything was wet so we left and played at our house instead. Playgrounds during the winter months are best around lunchtime after slides and swings are dry and the sun has warmed up the plastic dinosaurs and metal handles on the merry-go-round. Later on Jill had a chance to play with Guy in the back of Scott and Jess’s boat while we ate some of Jess’s yummy pizza for lunch. And Sunday late afternoon was taken up with a long, late nap and watching the Pats kill the Colts. Not a bad little weekend.

As a little side note, I'm excited to report that someone in our family may have purchased us a Family Plus membership to the Roger Williams Zoo for Christmas.  I may know this because said person is not very computer savvy and I had to make the purchase for him/her! Many fun trips to the zoo are in our future!!

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