November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving From Vermont

starting a fire Thursday morning
joining the Black Friday coupon hunt
football! what a difference in weather from last Thanksgiving
Rachael annoying Webster
chopping more wood for the stove
Popa teaching Jill how to climb trees in the yard
and then climbing them himself!
loves her Popa
then she had to climb every single tree she could find
I love this pic - thank you, Kim!
goofing around
my Martha Stewart mother-in-law cooking up a storm
time to eat! I believe Jill is under the table in this pic.
and head outside to play more football
and field hockey
the 4 generation shot
final Thursday night prep
The Polar Express
Friday morning about 5 a.m.
the kitties
love for Rachael

coming back from a walk with Nana
an early birthday celebration w/ Nana's homemade chocolate cake
new jammies
Cinderella, a princess castle and so many other wonderful and thoughtful gifts. Jill is a very lucky little girl!

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