November 2, 2012

Surviving the Bug

Sure the pictures below are innocent enough but if you were visiting yesterday afternoon, you wouldn't have recognized our little girl.  She was running a temp and was completely out of sorts: throwing her hands in the way of the spoon yelling, "I don't need it!  I don't need medicine, Mommmmmmy!"  She had a nasty and very raspy cough and all she wanted to do was cuddle. 

The dedicated employee that I am, I second guessed my kid Thursday morning and thought her laziness was due to a late night trick-or-treating.  Her moodiness was due to a lack of sleep.  My gut hinted to stay home from work and cuddle all day, as Jill suggested.  But then I thought tough luck, kid.  You can't always stay home when you're tired.  And to day care we went. The train hadn't even pulled into South Station yet when Tyla texted me that Jill had spiked a temp.  She was chilling on the couch and didn't want to move.  Very un-Jill like.  And then she napped.  Very un-Jill like.  So I spent 4 hours commuting and 2 hours at work. 

Jill and I were home and snuggling by early afternoon.  As soon as the morning dose of medicine wore off, her temp spiked.  She was burning up.  Thank God Tony was home to play the even-tempered and not-easily-frazzled parent.  Down went the medicine - Jill fell asleep for 20 minutes - then woke up another person.  Thursday was a decent night of sleep though she ended up in our bed before 5 Friday morning.  Tony left for work and it was the two of us for the next 12 hours.  The pictures from today start with the turkeys. 

Jill was herself again.  She wanted to play, eat and drink.  It was nice to see her relatively back to normal despite the continued raspy voice and cough.  We are so happy she's feeling better!

 practicing her princess moves
This picture cracks me up.
First, the look.  The "Are you serious, Mom?" look.
Second, she's wearing sunglasses at 6:15 in the morning.
 coming around
 Friday morning stroll
Jill and I went to the Berkley Library to check things out today.
Really, we went to borrow the Cinderella DVD.
Mom's license is not yet updated and I don't carry utility bills with our Berkley address on them, so what we really ended up checking out was the gazebo.
and the front steps
Jill looking like a hippie college kid. Time to make the grown-them-out or time-for-a-trim call.
 excited to bake chocolate chip cookies
 with the secret ingredient - candy corns!
that should do it!


  1. Poor Family!!! I write that because it is not just the child that has a tough day..granted maybe they do a little more:( Love the cookie pic and I am sure my Auntie loved the library pics:)

  2. Jill went on her first real library trip last week and loved it. She picked out 4 books and 2 movies. I'll post pics soon so check back! Yes, I'll bet Kim loved those pics for sure!