April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

The Easter Bunny came to our house this weekend, butttttt did not fill the colorful plastic eggs with candy. He thought Jill wouldn't care or notice until next year. He was WRONG. She picked up the first egg, shook it violently and said, "No candy?" (feeling like a shitty Mom...)

We headed down to Gram Canning's in Portsmouth, RI for an Easter lunch complete with deliciously sweet cake pops made by my cousin Shalagh.
 and eaten by Jenny and Hilary
My cousins Petey and Shalagh were SO good with Jill - they had a blast playing outside together!

It was also very cool to meet my aunt Deb's parents for the first time. What a down-to-Earth and cool pair :)

We laughed about Easters of the past and how creepy some of the Easter Bunny outfits were.  Here's my Dad - excuse me, the Easter Bunny - years ago with his sister Paula and I'm guessing Hilary.
I was always envious of the Howroyd mobile. Also missing Aunt Jay as the 2nd anniversary of his passing was April 1.
 with my cousin Sarah one embarrassingly chubby holiday at our house
what the hell did my parents feed me??

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