December 28, 2011

Some Christmas Excitement

strawberry treats from Shelley, my talented co-worker. Which one would you eat first? I picked coconut!
cheering for the Patriots and blowing bubbles with Heidi on Christmas Eve afternoon.  EVERYthing was sticky!
excited for guests Christmas Eve at my Mom's house - running and yelling to prove it!
Gram Furze and my cousin, Danny
Gram may be getting up there in age but she's not afraid to get right down on the floor and play with Jill.
opening gifts
Christmas Day in Quincy with the Musantes
a rein'beer' craft project, also Uncle Chris's gift - idea straight from pinterest
wearing her new bathing suit; she didn't want to take it off!
opening gifts with Nana
a wooden train set??!
a carriage for Big Baby?  (let me tell you, she whips this stroller around the house!)
helping Nana
new outfit in 3T - a little baggy but not for long
the Musante ladies

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