October 26, 2011

Carving Pumpkins and Harrassing the Seals

I realize it's Wednesday and I'm just now posting pics from the weekend but you have to picture our life this week.  Jill's been fighting some kind of illness.  She's been a complete grump and a beast to get to bed.  And by the time she's asleep, we're either on our way too, glued to the couch to watch an episode of Mad Men or reading in bed.  It's been that kind of week.

The weekend was much nicer as we welcomed two special guests: Nana and Auntie Andrea, pizza pie maker extraordinaire and pumpkin farmer! 

we carved pumpkins and baked salted pumpkin seeds, yum!
 Jill got a hold of Nana's camera
 admiring her perfect little pumpkin from Auntie Andrea's garden
 a pizza making pro, no joke
 Nana spent the night and we headed into the city Sunday morning. Here's Tony and Jill walking through the Holocaust Memorial. Jill was very interested in the homeless man wrapped in a blanket on the way to Quincy Market.  I think she wanted to peak under and play peek-a-boo!
 Quincy Market with Nana
 checking out the seals outside the aquarium - easily the highlight of our day!
 Jill LOVED the seals!
 She laughed out loud when they floated by.
 She dropped to the ground to get a better view.
 yelling in excitement!!
 Where did the seal go?!
 We checked out the playground at Columbus Park in the North End.  It was a fun time until I wacked my head on a metal bar and Jill slipped and split her lip.  I'm not lying.  We were both in tears and blood was dripping from Jill's mouth.  It was a mess!

Later Sunday afternoon Jill tried on her Halloween costume.  I'll keep that a surprise for Monday night's post!  It's almost time to trick-or-treat!

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