October 28, 2011

How Easily I Forget

How could I forget about these pictures on my phone?  A couple weekends ago Tony had a work event Saturday morning and Jill and I were on a mission to get the Mom mobile inspected.  The sticker was already late (Tony informed me it's a 3 pt violation on insurance even though his sticker is always at least 2 mths late).  So Jill and I dropped off the car and continued on a walk down the street to Hannaford's.

It wasn't particularly sunny that morning but whatever, she likes to wear her sunglasses some days!  When we got to the store, I let Jill climb into the car cart.  You know the ones I'm talking about.  Tony says they're gross and germ-infested but really, can it be much worse than day care??

Yes, the glasses stayed on.  And surprisingly, Jill stayed in the cart.  She seemed to really enjoy making some tight turns and driving around the older early Saturday morning crowd.

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