October 21, 2011

Tweet, Tweet!

Status updates from 5am-5pm. A tweet here and a tweet there but no worrying about the 140 character count.

4:59am Man, it’s early. I really need to get my ass out of bed and get on the elliptical.

5:30am There, that feels better. I love getting a little sweaty in the morning.

6:15am Wow, Jill’s still sleeping. Must need her rest to fight that nasty cough she had last night.

7:40am Am I really just getting out the door? Jill was difficult this morning. Had no interest in getting a diaper change, brushing her teeth, washing her face or getting dressed for school.

8am Very successful drop-off. Lots of kids were already there (usually we’re early and there’s maybe one other kid sitting at the table enjoying some Cheerios of Kix). Jill ran over to Miss Megan and asked for the bubble lawn mower. Peace, Mom!

8:15am Arrive at boat yard. Is that man on the dock really drinking a beer??

8:30am Successful pulling the boat out for the season. Tony sailed into the boat yard, manueured around several boats and helped as our sailboat was loaded onto a trailer to be stored for the winter. I’m jealous: He saw a seal while he was out sailing! Wish I was with him!

9:20am On the way to work and the Neposet Bridge is closed to one lane. ONE lane. God this is annoying. Still heavy on the Expressway. Sometimes rush hour seems like every hour!

10am Arrive at work and I’m not sure which floor to take the elevator to… 5 or 6? The morning consisted of my move to 6 to be near my new team. Also been responding to Congrats emails on my new position (announcement went out yesterday afternoon). Very nice to get such thoughtful notes!

11:49am Starving!

11:52am So excited that the microwave on my new floor has a seconds function!

12:08pm work or unpack?

12:20pm hot chocolate after lunch – it’s become an addiction

1:00pm enter meeting with Sanofi digital guru from Paris office and his very French agency counterparts

1:15pm try chocolate from Paris: a light pink chocolate shaped like a Pringle sprinkled with strawberry Nerds and vanilla jimmies. That’s what it looked like; it tasted like heaven.

1:21pm These French folk are difficult to understand. I wonder if they think the same about me. Does the Boston accent make it worse?

2:26pm Looking forward to tomorrow. Nana and Auntie Andrea are visiting and the weather’s supposed to be quite nice and fall-like.

2:27pm Can I leave work yet? Can’t wait to pick Jill up from day care!

2:59pm Email from Heidi: what are your plans for the weekend? That’s a good question…

3:07pm Need to check Facebook. Neeeeeed to…

3:28pm thankful the chocolate chip cookies from our earlier meeting were gone when I walked by the conference room for that exact purpose, to grab a cookie. Eating red grapes at my desk.

3:38pm Really can’t wait to pick up Jill!

3:58pm cleaning out my new cube … filed papers from Q2 07 – recycle bin!

4:14pm invoices from Q3 05 – bye, bye!

4:21pm ready to head home and enjoy the evening with Tony, Jill and Rachael. Shutting down!

4:48pm Love the carpool lane! On our way to get muffinhead.


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