September 5, 2011

The Unofficial End of Summer

As the unofficial end of summer neared, Tony's bargaining skills kicked into high gear.  He (easily) convinced me to take a vacation day Friday and go sailing.  The camera battery was dead at the time so we didn't get any pictures, but we did get some great shots of the rest of the weekend, even if some were with our phones!


We took Rachael for a long overdue appointment at the vet.


The Duvals came over to play!


Jill holding artwork bag: "Can we paint?"

What was I supposed to say??

Mom: "Of course we can paint!"

Sunday afternoon we went to Granna's friend's pool

Jill loves it there! She was jumping off the diving board (with Tony's help)! NO FEAR

Mel, Brian and Cole met us at the pool for a swim then came back to my Mom's for dinner. Jill enjoyed reading to Mel and 1-mth-old Cole.

She enjoyed being tickled by Brian too!


spaghetti at 10:30 a.m.? That's how my Dad rolls.

TWO Vera Bradley bags?? OK, I won't be cranky anymore!

watching Dad head out to the sailboat to fix the hatch post-Irene.

throwing rocks into the water and walking in up to her chest for the second time this weekend!

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