September 8, 2011

The Best Part of My Day

No, it's not taking public transportation, but close.  My favorite part of every workday is picking Jill up from school.  She gets so excited every time she turns and sees my smiling face.  Yesterday I was able to pick her up a little early.  Well we ended up leaving around the usual time because Jill wanted to parade me around to her friends (she held my hand and marched from room to room) and show me all of her favorite toys.

When we arrived home, Jill sat in the front seat while I packed up everything in the back.  She jumped from driver side to passenger side and back, leaping to the opposite side of whichever door I came to so we could head inside.  This is a new game, apparently!  When I turned on the car this morning, the left turning signal was blinking, the hazards were on, the radio was blasting and the cruise control was set!

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