September 2, 2011


Now I'm not calling Tony a princess here, but I guess you could say that's part of the story. 

It started with Jill at day care pick-up yesterday.  I was about 20 minutes later than usual (thank you, MBTA) and I walked in to find Jill in Darlene's arms.  Darlene is the director and she's always been very special to Jill.  Darlene leaves work at 5.  She stayed an extra 20 minutes to hold Jill, visit the different classrooms and comfort her until I got there.  Apparently Jill is used to her pick-up right around 5 p.m. and didn't appreciate seeing some of her buddies' parents show up first.  She was being a princess for sure.

Today is Tony's last Friday off for the summer.  I took a vacation day from work so that we could enjoy the day out on the water.  After drop off, Tony decided to make French toast.  "Is that rude?," he asked me, knowing full well it would blow the Weight Watchers point tracking for the day.  "Oh no, I much prefer my low sugar oatmeal and orange, thank you..."  Tony proceeded to heat the syrup.  Ummm excuse me but didn't you call me a "princess" in the past when I warmed up the syrup?  Yes, you definitely did. 

Sorry but I grew up a princess.  My Dad heated the syrup AND sprinkled powdered sugar on top of my French toast.  I'm pretty sure Jill will get the royal treatment too!

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