September 1, 2011

An A+ Morning

Tony and I watched Jill from afar this morning. She was sitting in a regular chair shoveling Life cereal into her mouth. Then she picked up bowl – milk remaining – and tipped it back to finish. Just like her Mumma. Oh no! Jill saw me drink from the bowl awhile back and now she’s imitating me. I’ve been careful not to do that in a long time (I may sneak around the corner) but little brains do not forget. They do what their parents do.

We watched as Jill ate her cereal without missing much from her month. She wasn’t in her high chair. She wasn’t in her booster seat. She sat in the regular wooden chair and she looked like a little person. We were both thinking the same thing: When did she get so big? When did she grow up?

Jill’s successful (meaning more food in her mouth than on the floor or in Rachael’s stomach) breakfast followed an eventful pit stop at the potty. Her diaper was all but dry and Tony said she made a conscious effort to go to the bathroom. I asked what that meant and he said it was a particular face she makes. Then I asked why he didn’t yell for me to come up. He didn’t want to ruin her concentration!

The morning was capped when Jill brushed her teeth without complaint AND pulled her skirt on for school. Yes, it was on backwards but we left it that way. She seemed so proud, but maybe that was because of Mom’s overzealous cheering.

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