June 6, 2011

Birthday Wishes and Weekend Revelations

Today is June 6: My sister-in-law turns 25 (Happy Birthday, Kathleen!); Jill is officially 18 months old; and military history buffs like Sue recognize the 67th anniversary of D-Day. Today was a beautiful Monday, a day I would have loved to stay home with Jill. I’ve always found Mondays to be hard after spending the weekend with her. Saturday and Sunday were filled with family and friends, and trips to the grocery store. Let me elaborate: two trips to different grocery stores, one in Norton and the other in Quincy.

This weekend I realized three things:

Yeah, I rocked the side pony,
hopefully not too long after '88.
1. My rollerblades – hidden somewhere in the basement – are no longer cool. Heidi asked if I was filming an 80s movie and Tony suggested I put my hair up with a scrunchie. So sad.

2. Our multiple trips to multiple grocery stores translated into two date nights in a row. A run to Roche Bros in Norton Saturday night for emergency diapers (forgot that bag) and a veggie platter for Mel’s baby shower on Sunday. And a 6-pack of Harpoon Summer. Sunday night was the usual grocery run to Hannaford’s in Quincy. Both nights my Mom was with Jill. Hey, I’ll take alone time any way I can get it. Grocery trips, fancy dinners, it doesn’t matter!

3. Tony is amazing in stressful situations and I’m not. Thank God he decided to come to Bristol, RI with me on Sunday for Mel’s baby shower. All we could do was watch as the driver in front of us on Rt. 24 lost control of her car while texting, veered off the road and smashed into a tree. Tony maintained complete composure as he jumped out of the truck and ran to her car to help. I called 9-1-1. That was my contribution. Other motorists pulled over too but Tony had already turned off the car (something he learned in firefighter/rescue training in New Mexico) and pulled her from the wreckage. She passed out for a short amount of time but otherwise seemed unhurt. She was lucky to be alive as her airbag didn’t deploy.  I'm so happy Jill was napping through all of this!

After arriving at Mel’s shower a few minutes late, Tony and Jill made the short drive to Colt State Park. Tony told me about their picnic and the nice water views. I asked if he took any pictures with his phone. He said he needed both hands at all times to keep up with our active Jill.

the girls at Mel's shower
no cute preg pics of Mel though :(
camera was set on manual instead of automatic
they are all blurry!

Another adjective for Jill this weekend was jealous. On Saturday afternoon, while visiting my brother and his family, Jill scowled as I held baby Guy. She did not approve at ALL. Out came the lip and I swear I saw her pout. As I handed one-month-old Guy back to Jess Jill came running for my legs. She hugged and leaned into my shoulder as I crouched down as if to say, "Please don't bring him home with us!"

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