June 6, 2011

Bark Back

Some new things we've noticed about Jill:

1. Teeth! Lots of them. I need to count for a grand total but they are coming in all over the place.
2. Attitude. Jill learned how to say "no" today and to shake her head side-to-side. She also pulled me and Tony (on separate bedtime attempts) away from the glider and toward the door. Back downstairs, please.
3. She's a Momma's girl. This is new. She prefers me at bedtime. I'm ok with that. It's kind of nice.
4. She loves Violet! Violet is a talking, singing, barking stuffed animal from the Duvals. She's been going to bed with Violet (we sneak her out of the crib as soon as Jill's asleep). Before that, we can hear Jill barking back.
5. A foodie? Jill absolutely LOVED pasta prepared Tony style. Accustomed to boring wheat pasta with a touch of olive oil and parmesan cheese, "Tony style" pasta was a whole new world for Jill. It's standard white pasta shapes with olive oil, butter, salt and red three cheese sauce. She was bouncing up and down with her mouth open asking for more.

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