April 11, 2011

This Weekend in Photos

ready for Red Sox Opening Day festivities at school
See ya, Mom & Dad! I'm at school now. I'll take it from here!
Friday lunchtime visit with Michelle to see Julianna, Carl & Baby Sophia
Sophia Lucia - she is beautiful!
well that didn't work very well ... Jill with her new teacher, Miss Michelle, at Friday's pick-up
amazing seats for the Celtics game Friday night with Sarah, Mia & Vinny
enjoying a few beverages
exploring Scott & Jess's backyard
checking out Baby Guy's gear - he will be here soon!
running around the front yard
helping Dad with the sailboat - it's almost that time!
stealing my Gi-Gi Furze's hummingbird feeder
sporting a new tshirt from Nana
there's the teeth!
I love my Dad .... and then I slapped him in the face.

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