April 11, 2011

Sports and Home Improvement

Baseball, basketball, babies and baby registries. Oh and home improvement projects. That about sums up our weekend.
Jill wore her Green Monsta tshirt from Cadence on Friday for Red Sox Opening Day festivities at school (it also worked for St. Patty’s Day). We threw on my Sox winter hat for some funny pictures before heading out the door. I brought my camera inside, hoping for some shots of Jill with her buddies dressed in their best Sox gear. Nothing. Sad. Lug camera to work, home on the T, back to day care. Get a shot of Jill screaming in Miss Michelle's ear. Sad. Jill really likes her but wanted her Mom more at that moment.

Earlier in the day, I visited my colleague on maternity leave. Michelle and I drove to Julianna’s house and had lunch with her, Carl and their beautiful daughter, Sophia. She is precious, and was stylin’ in an outfit from Jill. I held her and honestly couldn’t remember when Jill was that little, and Sophia was born 2 lbs. heavier. She was so small and delicate. I took in the new baby smell. It almost made me want another, almost. Sophia started to fuss and I saw Julianna putting her fork down. Luckily for her I had inhaled my salad (I always eat fast) and was reaching for Sophia so that Julianna could chew her tortellini and actually taste it. Like I said, almost.

Back to the office. The sun was shining and the temps were warming. People were playing hooky and watching the Red Sox/Yankees game at bars across the city. My co-workers left early and went across the street to drink beer and watch baseball on a nice Friday afternoon. I sat at my desk and designed a PowerPoint-turned-PDF due that afternoon. The closest I got to Opening Day was the sound of the jets flying over on their way to Fenway Park. That was pretty cool; I’m not going to lie. Besides, I had a ticket to the Celtics game in a few hours.

I met Sarah and friends inside the Heineken luxury box. Was it sacrilegious to order a Bud Light? Oh well, I did, a few of them actually. I steered clear of the carving station, pizza, seafood paella and chicken wings. Sarah had mentioned dessert was coming out at 830 so I saved myself. Nothing like Bud Light, chocolate cake and some Rajon Rondo. Like the Sox, the Celtics won and we had a great time!

Saturday morning we headed south to Dighton. Tony worked on the sailboat – currently wrapped in my brother’s sideyard – while Jill and I toured Fall River. A detour sign messed me up on our way to meet Mel at the Burlington Coat Factory. We arrived 30 minutes late. Nothing like being lost in the Tacoma and singing the alphabet to entertain your antsy 16-month-old. That should have been a warning, a sign to things to come. Enter Burlington Coat Factory Baby Depot. I didn’t even know this place existed. Mel and Brian are expecting a baby boy in August. She’s registering at BCF and Target, no Babies’ R Us. I love it! The store near Mel has a very limited selection and she was so overwhelmed when she went to register that she walked out and didn’t go back. That Mel - she cracks me up. We picked out some of the major purchases: the car seat, stroller, Pack ‘n’ Play.

Jill lasted about 5 minutes before she wanted OUT of the carriage. I tried to hold her hand as she jetted away from Mel and toward the plus size women’s section. My kid then turned to the full length mirror and kissed herself. Like, “what’s up, ladies? I’m tall and thin. Eat your heart out!” Oh dear God. Please come back to Mel with me, Jill. Or lay on the floor and shake your head no. Far too much time in the car seat and not enough time running around. Jill darts to the toy section. She finds a Barbie lounge chair, unfolds it and lays down, hands behind her head. Is this really my kid? She’s a riot. I try not to laugh. We’re supposed to be helping Mel pick out which Diaper Genie she wants. Jill grabs an oversized bright yellow rake and runs down the aisle, narrowing missing an older man in a wheelchair. Wonderful, I thought. Shit, Mel likely thought. This is what I signed up for??

Luckily for both of us, we followed Mel to the highway, didn't get lost and made it home in no time. Jill ran around the yard like a lunatic while Tony finished up with the sailboat. While inside, Jill approached the baby gear with curiosity. (My brother and his wife, Jess, are expecting a baby boy – already named Guy Joseph after their Dads – in less than a month.) Jill somehow squeezed her way into the infant swing. I wonder what she will think of Baby Guy. We’ll see soon!

We stopped at Gram Furze’s for a quick visit before heading to my Mom’s. Jill sat on the couch with Tony and drank milk from a cup and devoured her Nutri Grain bar. She tried to steal the hummingbird feeder. Sophie the not-so-friendly cat let Jill pet her. Of course Jill was thrilled!

Pitstop at Curley’s Pub for a late lunch pick-up; dine-in was not an option with the crazy kid in the backseat. Bacon cheeseburger for Tony and kale soup for me – yum! A couple hours later Jess stopped by for a visit. She was amazed by how much Jill has grown and changed. “She’s like a little person now,” she said. I know what she means. Tony and I were planning to meet Mandy out at Home Plate but decided to stay home.  His clean clothes were neatly folded and waiting on the table by the door, at home, in Quincy. He didn’t want to go out with baby spit up jeans and a paint-stained bright yellow Corona t-shirt. I don’t blame him.

Sunday morning everyone slept until almost 7. It was amazing! It felt like we slept in until 10! We did the grocery shopping at Market Basket then headed home. Tony painted the front porch walls and flooring. It really made a huge difference. While Jill napped, I baked sweet potatoes and butternut and acorn squash and chopped cantaloupe, watermelon and honeydew melon for the week. We took the stroller out for a jog (the first this Spring!) then went to the playground to play on the slides. Jill was go, go, go all day long. She ran around the house and backyard. She said nevermind the stroller to get to the playground, Mom! We’re walking! Such a confident toddler. Sometimes I wonder how we’ll ever keep up!

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