January 1, 2011

Welcome to 2011

It's 2011.  Really??  When did this happen?  We brought in the new year with our close friends, Tim, Hesper and Cadence (Jill's buddy) and Chris and his girlfriend, Ashley.  Jill and Cadence played very well together for the most part

Besides Cadence holding drumsticks and maliciously standing over Jill - instead of her new drumset - they were great together.  After the girls went to bed, we played cards and games and poured champagne for a midnight toast.  I think Tony and I were both surprised to see the ball drop.  (He saw it last year as a backdrop to our screaming newborn.)  Asleep by 10:30 if we were home, no doubt about it.  So we did it up: stayed up a little late, drank a little much.  Jill and Cadence missed the "stay quiet and sleep in" memo and started yelling at each other from neighboring rooms at 5:15.  It took a lot of backrubbing and cuddling but Jill finally went back to sleep and both girls woke up around 7:15.  Now that's more like it.

In addition to some serious playtime with Cadence and Smokey (the family dog), Jill visited with my college roommate Maggie on the way to Webster Friday afternoon.  It'd been a long time since Maggie had seen Jill and I could tell she was amazed by how much she's changed.

From our pitstop in South Hadley to see Maggie and our overnight with the Duvals in Webster, we ventured over to Athol on Saturday morning.  It was the first time Jill met Nona, Tony's grandmother.  Jill made herself at home and completely hammed it up for Nona.  They had a great time.  Pics to come!

Nearly eight hours on the road later and we were home again, maybe even happy to see the big "Q."  We went for an "adventure" in the 50 degree weather, passing another couple with the husband sporting shorts.  "There always has to be that guy," Tony commented.  Really, it's January.  Ease up on the shorts. 

Jill was that baby tonight.  She splashed around in the tub.  She wiped suds onto her belly to help wash herself and didn't fuss while I lotioned the dry patches on her legs and sides.  Then all the sudden she peed.  Not a big deal as that's what babies do.  Except this was bare butt.  And she was on our bed on my side up by my pillow.  Lovely.  Ah, recall the resolution.  Now go with the flow and relax. 

In other Jill-related events:  Tony signed the transition paperwork for Jill to start moving into the infant/toddler room next week.  Next week!  Can you believe it?

She's also working on more teeth.  Her top two are coming in, the left faster than the right.  Hopefully this will help expand our finger food menu.  Chuck's famous meatballs were a success at Christmas.  Now all we need to do is keep trying new foods and make sure Jill watches her Mom - and not her Dad - eat fruits, veggies and all things Tony hates!


  1. I love the video! EVERY CHILD argues over play strollers! Happy New Year!

  2. Cadence and I watched the video yesterday, I think she realized she looked like a bully... kept pointing at the screen saying "Uh-oh" and looking a little ashamed! BTW - I had no idea they got up at 5, I was out cold.

  3. haha Cadence isn't a bully! Yeah, they were yelling for each other but then they both passed back out - thank God!