December 27, 2010

Celebrating Christmas in a Blizzard

yum, Popa's famous meatballs!

checking out the surf in Hull

score!  good find, Andrea!

I'd like to welcome Thomas William Cahill into the world!  My old school friend Carah delivered her second son (the sex was a surprise) this morning at 9:30. He weighed 9 lbs., 15 oz.  Good job, Carah!

Thank you to the Musante clan for braving the scary forecasts and visiting Quincy on Sunday and Monday.  Roads and homes were flooded (not ours, thankfully) and our neighborhood literally become an island for a short period of time during high tide.  We lost power, but only for a couple hours late Sunday night.  Jill did not seem to mind.  She was wimpering, poor thing was probably chilly because there was no heat in the house.  So she nestled herself between us in bed, a big smile on her face like this was an awesome adventure.  She warmed right up and went fast to sleep.  The power kicked on about two hours later and as soon as the house heated up, Jill was back in her crib fast asleep.

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