January 1, 2011

The Curious Case of Meg & Tony

What's your favorite part of watching a movie?  It may not be premiere night at the theater: the nervousness to snag tickets, the decadent smell of buttery popcorn tempting you toward the counter.  No, these days many of us snuggle up on the couch and pop in a DVD, purchased or rented through NetFlix (my parents were the biggest customers of Blockbuster on Winthrop Street).  A crappy review is no biggie.  You didn't pay $20 to sit still and not talk in the theater.  You're on your couch: eating your food, drinking your Bailey's.  And so begins the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. 

This weekend has been a little crazy so far.  Tony had to swap Thursday with Sunday (so he is working tomorrow) so I took Thursday as a vacation day.  We both had Friday off as the New Year holiday.  Jill went to day care Thursday morning as usual and we attacked the house.  Furniture was rearranged yet again; lonely clothing was packed away; and bulky Jill apparatus she has outgrown was folded up.  Tony joked that our square footage increased by 10 percent.  Pitstops before school pick-up included AAA, the Atlas packy Tony has been wanting to check out and Hanny's.  The store manager was very helpful.  He helped me select champagne (though it ended up not being the tastiest) and he had a good sense of humor.  The older woman at the checkout carded both of us.  I didn't have my wristlet.  I never take it when Tony is driving (almost always).  I giggled.  "OK," I told her.  "I have a one-year-old daughter.  Does that help?"  Not in Quincy, I thought as soon as the words were out of my mouth.  But we chatted for a few minutes and she decided to sell us our alcohol (with the manager's approval) and adopt me as a granddaughter.  Not really but she said to Tony: "Every morning when you wake up, you need to get on both knees and thank God for this woman.  She has the best outlook on life."  I shit you not.  This really happened. 

Tony just smiled and made a comment as we walked out to the truck that her daughter-in-laws (she has three boys) must be witches.  But that's not the point of this post.  The point is that it's time for me to own up to my attitude this year.  My resolution for 2011 isn't to lose weight or be better with money (aren't those in the back of all of our minds?).  It's to chill out.  Relax.  Go with the flow more, like I used to.  Take deep breaths. 

So I sit here tonight, lounging on the couch with the Washington/Pittsburgh hockey game on mute in the background.  I'm sipping on some Bailey's on ice.  Tony's in bed.  I'm writing because it's what I enjoy.  Sure I could be watching the Curious Case of Benjamin Button or another movie on Netflix.  But I like the previews.  It's the best part of going to the movies.

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