December 7, 2010

Back in the Game, Half Asleep

I'm back in the writing game.  Newsletters upon portal posts and I got the opportunity late last week to write a press release.  I'm working with two excellent writers in or from Corporate Communications and participating in meetings with the team in China.  That requires early morning conference calls. 

Riding the red line early morning means you're commuting to work with the entire staff of MGH.  And who do I sit across from but a black tote carrying hospital employee (see previous post).  We had the pumping connection.  I felt like we were instant friends.  She didn't feel it though.  She was asleep.  A new Mom back at work, exhausted from juggling the double life.  She looked exhausted.  I wanted to tell her to hang in there, that her baby would sleep through the night soon.  Then I remembered that Jill - though a great sleeper for many months - hasn't been sleeping well for last two weeks.  She's been experiencing night terrors.  She's not awake but I am.  Any advice besides the obvious and traditional?

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