December 6, 2010

Birthday Fun

done with laundry? me too!
excited for a bath
couldn't choose between flash and no flash
We had a blast today!  I have pictures from Jill's bday lunch on my Mom's camera that I need to download too.  The new pictures at the bottom are from my phone (thank you for emailing them to me, Tone!).  She was a social butterfly: smiling at the host and our server, playing peek-a-boo with the older women at the table next to us.  She was a riot!  A few of the Cheesecake servers came to the table to sing (softly) Happy Birthday.  She loved the attention!  Stuck her hand right into the ice cream.  We've had three birthday celebrations now so she knows what to do with the dessert!  Make a mess and smile.

This weekend we also picked up a Christmas tree.  The lights are up and decorations are sitting out and ready to put up tomorrow after work.  Jill and I will turn up the Christmas music and work on the tree before Tony gets home.  He can't stand Christmas music but can't say to change the Pandora channel if he comes home to it!

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