November 23, 2010

Officially Speaking

  The Girl Who Worked and Juggled Breastfeeding
She hopped on the red line at South Station carrying her purse and a seemingly inconspicuous black tote bag. Totally discreet to the ordinary commuter, but not to a former pumper. I wanted to pat her on the back and say, “You’re doing a great job, Mom!” but I restrained myself. I felt like we were instantly connected. Working and breastfeeding is no small feat.

  The Super Dad
He was jogging up Broadway in Cambridge just after sunrise, controlling the stroller with one day and the labordoodle with the other. He made it look so easy. I turned around to admire this coordination one last time and he was checking his Blackberry. Come on! I can barely walk and text.

  The Possible Donor
Nearly seven years ago, my friend Kate and I joined the hundreds, if not thousands, of people to find a bone marrow donor for a sick child in northern Vermont. Sad to say but I had honestly forgotten about that day until I opened yesterday’s mail. A letter from the National Marrow Donor Program said I am a possible match for someone. Would I still be interested in donating? Chills ran up my spine. Yes, it’s major surgery, but it’s a chance to save someone’s life. I’m in. Sign me up. More screening to follow...
It’s Official
I joined the bloggers’ world yesterday. I’ve come out of my secluded family/friends network and I’m ready to socialize with other bloggers. Maybe even learn some HTML, finally!

  Spreading Holiday Cheer
Thank you to Andrea for this very funny creation!

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  1. no comments on the dance? man, this is a tough crowd! I was crying from laughing so much!