November 14, 2010

Sorting Laundry

little homey

laundry helper

who knew the clothes basket could be so entertaining? (she's smiling at Tony through the porch window)

WOW, that was fun!

we got dressed up Sunday night to show Granna Jill's kangaroo costume

We had a great weekend!  Jill was very playful.  She has changed a lot recently.  She now loves to investigate and open doors, cabinets and drawers and pull whatever she can find out then throw it onto the floor.  This is where the "sorting laundry" title came from.  Jill did anything but that on Sunday.  She threw outfits on the floor while I folded them.  Some help!

Sunday night Tony and I went on a date.  Honestly, I can't remember the last time we went to dinner just the two of us. So we headed down the street to one of the few classy joints in Quincy and enjoyed a delicious meal (yes, we got the wings as apps too!) at The Fat Cat.  We were only gone an hour and a 1/2 but it felt like a good break from the norm, a nice switch from the usual routine.  I could get used to that!

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