November 16, 2010

Scent of a Baby

simulated positioning
Cool Ranch Doritos, Fritos, Barbeque Lay's.  Most smells I can handle.  I have a very keen sense of smell, so when a woman sits next to me at Park Street and takes the lid off her tupperware to unleash an aroma of old tuna fish, some sort of spiced rice and (I swear) cat food, I found myself improvising.  Tactfully I - like many others I have to believe - held my breath, fished out (pun intended) my iPod, and pretended to fall asleep on my hand.  I took in the smell of my hand lotion and focused on the Tim McGraw lyrics.  I longed for the sent of baby lotion.  Really, J&J can make anything smell sweet.  Successfully I kept from gagging. 

But then I felt guilty as I watched this woman inhale her dinner like it was the most delicious thing she's ever tasted.  Truth could be that she didn't have much to eat today and that her casserole of sorts was tasty, and nutritious (it could have been).  As the T pulled into North Quincy, she turned to me and asked if this was Quincy Center.  Hang on for two more stops, I told her.  Her tupperware was closed at this point and my reality was left checked. 

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