November 7, 2010

Late Nights with Jill Musante

 Rachael standing by patiently for some leftovers
 right off Jill's face
 Jill the fattie looking for another cheeseburger
 tupperware - the best toy! (notice one sock on, one sock off)

I don't know how Jill survived the first 11 months of her life unscathed.  We were checking out at the Hannaford's in Taunton Saturday afternoon when two or three older women offered my first case of unsolicited advice: you should carry spare socks.  And you should leave Hanny's to drive across the street to Shaw's and keep blurting out your crappy advice to rookie Moms.  You always had extra socks with you, didn't you?  Then you must be a better Mom than me!  Jill hates socks.  She rips them off at her earliest opportunity.  So when I buckled her into the grocery cart seat, I was not surprised to see one missing.  Oh well, it's not the end of the world.  She'll live in her one sock.  (This is the baby who stood up thrilled in the evacuation crib during a cold day fire drill at school in her onesie.)

Earlier on Saturday, Jill looked through books, practiced walking and playing pass with pink princess ball at Scott and Jess's house.  Aunt Jess watched Jill while I got my hair highlighted and cut.  I asked Kelley - my hairdresser since middle school - to spice things up.  I'm practically a blonde now.  Tony asked if I went tanning.  A few extra highlights really brighten things up!

Girls' night on Saturday was a great time!  Jess, Tyla and I hung out at Mandy's house and just talked for practically 4 hours (there was a lot to talk about!).  It was really nice to visit with them!  I dreaded Jill waking up early on Sunday due to the time change (and the riesling).  Instead she woke up around 1:15 a.m. (about an hour after I went to sleep) and didn't go back to sleep until almost 3.  She's teething and must be going through a growth spurt.  Friday and Saturday night she sucked down full bottles in the middle of the night.  She's hungry and I'm exhausted.  Tony joked about Friday night calling it "Late Night with Jill Musante."  She was up for awhile but we honestly didn't mind.  She put on a show!  She sat in bed with us smiling, clapping, laughing and yelling at the dog.  She was a riot! 

Jackson and Faith were very gentle with Jill Sunday morning while we visited for a homemade breakfast.  Mandy cooked while the kids played.  They were so interested in Jill.  It was really funny to watch them interact!

Happy Birthday to Jill's Nana on Monday.  We are looking forward to celebrating with Kim very soon during our Thanksgiving trip to Vermont!

* Friday: movie night with Tone
* Saturday: dinner with Jess at my Mom's
* Sunday: game time with Heidi and Houston, a cottage cheese substitute in the lasgana that Tony liked (shhh don't tell him) and the cancellation of Late Night with Jill Musante. Nothing like starting the week off with a full night of sleep!


  1. Aren't Mom's like that totally annoying! For me it's usually older people, god knows if they even HAVE kids! Charlie hates anything on his feet and Than isn't a big fan of shoes. Whatever. If they were that cold they'd keep them on their damn feet. Most days I am just happy if I can find matching socks.

    She's getting so big, Meg! Unbelievable! Where has this year gone?

  2. hahah I know huh? We wear mismatched socks all the time. I've been really tucking in her blanket in the car so she can't rip her socks off in route. I can't believe she's almost a year old either - crazy!! I love keeping up with your fam; your blog is great. The pics are so adorable!