November 5, 2010

Democracy with Layoffs

It was a big week for Miss Jill! She voted in her first election and her Mom survived layoffs. YEAH for all (although our candidate didn’t win)!

Jill also decided she HATES taking baths. Any suggestions here? I tried warming the water up a little bit, singing, playing with toys. Tony even jumped in with his bathing suit last night! She has always enjoyed bath time. Just this week she decided it’s the worst thing her parents could do to her in the entire world. We obviously don’t love her if we make her take a bath. It’s a tough life, being a baby!

1 comment:

  1. Bathtime at Granna's was a success tonight! We let her stand in the water first then sit only when she was ready. We skipped washing her hair and played with tupperware instead. No tears!!