August 24, 2010

Miss Personality

Verrrrrry exciting things must have been happening at Jack n Jill today because Miss Jilly only took one nap. Yes, one nap! I snuck in the infant room (I like to observe her when possible) and saw Jill trying to escape the gated play area. She spotted me, flashed a big smile then stuck out her lip and started to wimper. I knew we had an overtired baby on our hands! At home, Jill was barely awake long enough to play for a few minutes, chug one bottle (she's usually awake for two), bathe and conk out. Poor Tony came home before hitting the grocery store so he could see Jill. She had already been asleep for at least 20 minutes!

At school, Jill has been labeled as somewhat of a bully. I'm hoping this is just her teacher exaggerating. Jill has been using Kourtney's shoulders as a means to boost herself up to a standing position. Kourtney is one and does not appreciate the 8.5 month old scrappy baby walking all over her. They are not friends, apparently. Jill also crawls all over the other babies to boost herself up to toys and/or standing positions. Maybe all those editions of the Wall Street Journal taught her about the "glass ceiling" women face in the corporate world and she's already bustin' through! Miss Personality is emerging!

1 comment:

  1. I have a bully on my hands too. Maybe we're just raising strong, independent women?