August 30, 2010

Thank You, Monday


The first one to use the showers in the ladies' room at the gym this morning - Lights were on in the locker and bathroom stall areas but not by the showers. So I showered in the dark (not really, but with little lighting) and it was fantastic. SooooOO relaxing!

Sold some company stock today at a decent little profit - very exciting!

Got home in time to put Jill to bed. Jill and Mom had a great time at the mall. Jill barely napped. She was absolutely exhausted when we got home. We had a bottle in the rocking chair; she cuddled against my chest; then passed out cold. She didn't even need Nestor.

This weekend we had a nice time just staying home. We checked out Nantasket Beach one morning - Jill loved playing in the sand. I thought she had her first tooth Sunday morning. Her bottom gum felt sharp but she wouldn't let me see. She kept goofing around sticking her tongue out. When I finally got a peak, there was no tooth to be seen. It's sitting just below the gumline. Soon!