August 23, 2010

Thank you, Mom!

It's time for the "Grateful Monday" post. Today was rainy, windy, raw and just gross outside! But my morning was brightened by Jill and her curious little eyeballs. haha I peaked in one last time about 10 minutes before we were running out of the door and she was hanging out on her tummy, eyes wide open, just looking around and waiting for everyone to join her. So I got to hold my baby and prepare her bottle before passing her off to my Mom and coming home more than 12 hours later. GROSS. My Mom watches Jill every Monday. She packs her bags and drives about 45 minutes to our house every Sunday night. We have a good time catching up on Sunday nights but it's always an early start to Monday. Tony and I try to leave the house by 6 to take advantage of a long work day. I get to workout for a decent amount of time on Monday mornings too. And so our Mondays continue with no care in the world (thanks to my Mom!) about Jill's care or making it to day care by closing time. We know she is well cared for and is receiving every ounce of love possible.

Tony started a new job last Thursday and was stuck at work late today. I was swamped and welcomed the late pick-up. Getting home an hour later than usual made for a bittersweet bedtime. I would have loved more Jill time! In the meantime, Jill showed my Mom that she had found the stairs and definitely knew what to do with them. It's time to climb! YIKES!!

(Sleepy Sunday pic above)

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