November 2, 2014

Things You Need to Know

Last Sunday night as we were getting ready for bed, Jill rested her head on my belly, looked over at Tony and started talking to her baby sister.  "There are some things you need to know, baby sister," she began.

The first: "Elephants have trunks and sometimes husks."
"Humans have heads."
"Cheetahs are the fastest animal."
"I will always be the big sister."

Oh my goodness, Tony and I had tears in our eyes trying to hold in the laughter while she carried on this serious conversation with her soon-to-be little sister.
The following week we entered the third trimester, week 27, when Jill asked, "Why's your belly button so weird?"  No filter included.
The weather has been awful this weekend.  It's actually snowing right now complete with wind.  We checked out the new neighborhood breakfast spot called Boondocks with our neighbors Rob and Nancy.  On the way home we discussed cleaning up the house, putting away laundry, the typical Sunday chores, when Jill declared, "I'm a girl that a million times hates working around the house."  She informed us she would be watching one of her shows.  We didn't let that happen but it was tempting.  Bad weather weekends are tough!
"Take a picture of the baby eating from my boob, Mom!"

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