November 2, 2014

Halloween Fun

I'd love to start this post by sharing pictures of Jill at her school Halloween party on Thursday.  I can't do that because Jill refused to wear a costume.  We were all set to go with her Queen Elsa costume, complete with glimmering blonde wig, but Jill wanted nothing to do with it.  I suggested packing a costume in case she changed her mind when she saw her dressed up classmates.  Nope, Jill was completely content in her Halloween-themed Hello Kitty tshirt and jeans.  At least we know she doesn't worry about following the crowd!  

Halloween fell on a Friday - a good and bad thing as a parent.  Typically we collapse on the couch early evening and get to bed relatively early.  This Friday night, my brother and Jess, Guy and Max, Mel and Brian, Cole and Emma, Matt and Malia and my Mom came over just after 5.  The kids posed for pictures while the parents inhaled pizza and we were off for an evening of trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.  

trick-or-treating at Whitey's house

On Saturday night, we headed across the street to Tracie and Ed's Halloween party.  Jill actually wore her Elsa costume.  I dressed up as a cat and Tony wore a Pats sweatshirt with the sleeves folded under.  He was Bill Belichick complete with oversized headphones and a play notebook.

 Guy Fieri and his spice rack - I didn't even recognize our neighbor, Nancy!

This was another favorite outfit.  I don't know her but I love her originality!

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