October 5, 2014

Showering Elisa

Elisa and Tim are getting ready to welcome their first child - a girl - in mid-November.  On Sunday, all of the college roommates met in Quincy for her baby shower.  The food, especially the French toast, was amazing and I barely left room for cupcakes and Mrs. DiCarlo's homemade Italian cookies.

Maggie, Kelley, Christine, Elisa, me & Jen

Boston in the distance

a beautiful day to visit the golf course

Meanwhile, down the road in Quincy at Heidi's place....

Jill snuggled with Heidi and her boyfriend, Tom, and watched Wild Kratts

They - well maybe more Tom - carved pumpkins too.  Notice the "gross" pumpkin, that's all Jill was saying throughout the carving process.

the favorite

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