March 8, 2013

Locks of Love & Good Times With Friends

Yes, I realize the weekend is upon us and I'm just now updating the blog from last weekend.  Starting a new job will do that to you!  That's right.  I'm still at Genzyme but I've started a job in Sales Operations in the Multiple Sclerosis business unit.  I went to high school with my new boss.  Small world!  Anyways, the first week went by very quickly.  I can already tell I'm going to love the job and group.  I'm excited and it shows in just about everything. 

Last weekend, before the start of the new gig, Nana came to town from Burlington, VT.  This was a special treat as we visited Vermont not that long ago.  But Nana took advantage of her vacation week and spent a few days with us.  Jill was delighted, of course!  On Saturday morning, Tony dropped Kim and Jill off at the library.  Jill loves "her" library and I imagine she was very proud and pleased to show her Nana.  While Tony handled the trash and recyling and Nana and Jill selected a few books and movies, I made my way to the hairdresser.  It was time to donate.

 10 inches ready for Locks of Love
Kelly and I made fun of my Mom for taking pictures, but then I was happy she was there for an appointment at the same time.  Now I can share the pics with you!

While Nana was here, Tony and I coordinated efforts to get a group together.  Originally, we planned for Boston.  But plans changed and we ended up out in Fall River.  Yes, you read that correctly.  And it was a blast!

 Whitey, Jess (my sis-in-law) and I fireside at the Tipsy Toboggan
 throwing Mel and Mandy into the mix
Elisa, one of my roommates from college, was a champ to make the drive from Stoneham (that's a hike!) and in her husband's Jeep after noticing her car had a flat. 
 Dedication, my friends.
Tony, Brian (Mel's husband) and Scott (my bro) at Barrett's Alehouse

Jill wasn't super cooperative about taking a picture with Nana this weekend - or any pictures for that matter - but I did grab one somewhat decent picture of her riding around the yard in her Jeep.  Broom, broom!

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