January 2, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Happy New Year to our family, friends and blog followers!  As you can see by the date of the last post, we have some catching up to do.  Here are some pics from our (unsuccessful) visit with Santa followed by picking out the Christmas tree.  I told you we have some catching up to do!

Tony was thrilled to wait in line for an hour for Santa, thrilled.
But we took this time to coach Jill: "There's Santa!  Can you see him?  He can't wait to hear what you want for Christmas." 
Jill: "I'm going to tell Santa I want a kitchen (pause, looks at me then Tony), please."
We thought she was ready for her premiere with Mr. Claus and his lap.
Boy were we wrong!  Here's Santa trying to bribe Jill w/ a book.
 This is going to work.  She's going to slide right off his lap!
There she goes. 
It was like a train wreck.  I had to keep watching and taking pictures instead of helping the Helpless Dad.
Oh shit, she's escaping!
My camera's not set on the sports setting, Jill!
 I don't know why she thought he was so creepy.  Look at this guy - he's a doll!
 all smiles once we were outside of Santa's circle
 We stopped for a tree on the way home on Center Street in Dighton.
Jill picked it out then slipped on the snow and fell on her bum.
She was ready for a nap.  That night we road the Polar Express with the Barboza Family.  You should've seen Jill's face when Santa came into our train car.  It was like, "Really?  This fat guy's back again?!" 

It was priceless.

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