December 22, 2012

The Faces of Christmas

Merry Christmas to our family and friends
a clip from our card from John, aka Jake
Welcome Samantha
Congratulations to the Sherlocks and their December 17 arrival
hope, love, joy
Isn't it what Christmas is all about?
Thank you, Jess, for this sweet card!
Carmelo in the holiday spirit
Courtesy of Jenna and Tim
 Audrey's first Christmas with the Semas family
 Katie and Emma ready for the Christmas excitement at the McDonald's
 proud big sis Sophia and her new little sis Kylie
 Colton and Cadence
 Cadence and Addison
 Molly and Charlotte
 Faith and Jackson
 The Costain family
 Happy Holidays from Scott, Jess and Guy
 Merry Christmas from Drew and Cole
 diggin' your jammies, Lucas!
 Emma giving Benjamin sweet kisses
 Man, Aubrey is cute!
 Ms. Ella Claus

my cousin's wife, Sara, and Jackson waiting for Santa
Sorry, I'm creepy. I stole this from Facebook.
The Polar Express with Brian, Mel and Cole

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